Fish Oil Omega-3

Packaging: 80-softgel bottle

• Lower risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and Coronary Heart Disease
• Contain Omega-3 (EPA/DHA)
• Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
• Keep Skin Soft & Increase Skin Elasticity
• All natural product with no side effect.


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One Softgel provides:
Natural Fish Oil Concentrate..................1000 mg
  EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)..........180 mg
  DHA (Dococsahexaeoic Acid)...........120 mg

Fish Oil Omega 3 Antioxidant Supplement

Natural Assets' Concentrate Fish Oil Omega 3 supplement is an effective natural heart health supplement that maintains cardiovascular health and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack & stroke (American Heart Association).

Fish Oil, a heart health diet and riches in Omega3 fatty Acids (EPA & DHA), makes the blood less likely to form clots that cause heart attack and protects against irregular heartbeats that cause sudden cardiac death. Studies indicated that fish oil can also relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Recommended DOSAGE: As a dietary supplement for adults. Take one or two fish oil softgel capsules (1000mg) daily with each meal.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Surgery. stop taking fish oils, vitamin E, and herbs that cause thinning of the blood at least 4 days before any surgery since it will interfere with blood clotting during post-operative recovery.

Product Information:
"Healthy people should eat Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and plant source to maintaining good heart health", according to the updated recommendations from the American Heart Association published in November 19, 2002 issued of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. Hearth health and fish oil is a perfect combination.

Fish Oil Omega 3 and Heart Disease

"Omega-3 fatty acids are not just good fats; they affect heart health in positive way," said Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton, lead author of the report. Omega3, a natural vitamin for heart health,  makes the blood less likely to form clots that cause heart attack and protect against irregular heartbeats that cause sudden cardiac death.

Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA/DHA) Health Benefits:

  • Help prevent Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) & Stroke
  • Help lower Cholesterol & unhealthy Triglycerides
  • Promote Healthy Skin Care
  • Prevent Atherosclerosis
  • Improve Healthy Vision System & Cognitive Function
  • Reduce Inflammation & Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
  • Maintain Behavior and Mood
  • Relieve Arthritis Joint Pain

Provide the Best Fish Oil Fatty Acids Supplement

  • Formulated with care by a pharmacist
  • Safe & Effective without the side effects
  • Made in FDA registered facilities with strict quality control
Many nutrition experts recommend that we consume cold water fish, such as salmon, on a regular basis to insure that we provide our bodies with this essential nutrient. For many individuals, consuming fish on a regular basis may prove difficult. Natural Assets' Deep Sea Fish Oil Pills offers you a convenient way to provide your body with its daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA).
Fish oil omega 3 antioxidant. Natural heart health suppliment

 Potent & Quality Ingredients
Top quality & well-researched natural ingredients!

EPA is a member of the Omega-3 fatty acid family. It is required for the production of a special group of substances in the body called prostaglandins, which control blood clotting and other arterial functions that improve cardiovascular health.

DHA and Cholesterol

DHA is a major component of the human brain tissues and the retinal tissues of the eyes. DHA has vital role in replenishing the retinal photoreceptor cells that provide colors, black-and-white, and detailed vision. Intake of DHA reduce triglyceride levels by 25% in one study, while another found post-prandial triglyceride levels were reduce by nearly 50%. Traditionally, the more fatty the meal, the higher the triglyceride level. The higher the fat from triglyceride, the greater chance for plaque formation, which impedes the blood flow through the vessels to photoreceptors for proper regeneration and vision. DHA, a natural heart disease treatment, shows the same benefit against cardiovascular disease of reducing triglyceride, increasing HDL cholesterol, increasing blood DHA levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular health.  DHA also serves the other important function of the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system.

DHA & Blood Pressure

Writing In the April 2007's Journal of Nutrition, researchers from the King's College London indicated that Omega 3 fatty acids DHA reduced diastolic blood pressure by 3.3 mmHg in a clinical trial with 38 middle-aged patients.  Daily DHA supplement increased DHA levels in red blood cells (erythrocytes) by 58% while diastolic blood pressure decreased by an average of 3.3 mmHg.

New research seems to explain how Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) consumed in oily fish protect against stroke and heart disease.

Fish Oil Omega 3 and Atherosclerosis

A team of researchers from the University Hospital in Southampton, England, treated 188 stroke patients with Omega-3 fatty acids supplement and reported a significant reduction in the extent of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. They say the oils transform dangerous atherosclerotic plaques into harmless scars.

Atherosclerosis, is a chronic inflammatory disease. It may be a consequence of several risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or an unhealthy, fatty diet. Atherosclerosis can lead to the formation of blood clots, which may in turn cause strokes and heart attacks. So far, the main focus of attention has been on the prevention of atherosclerosis and providing information about the risk factors and ways to improve cardiovascular health.

Some studies have demonstrated that Omega-3 fatty acids have a preventive effect on cardiovascular disease but the new study shows that Omega-3 can also have a therapeutic effect. The patients, divided into three groups taking either Omega-3 fish-oil capsules, sunflower-oil capsules or a placebo six times a day, were treated over an average period of 42 days. Fish oil patients received 1.4g of Omega-3 fatty acids daily.

The researchers report in the 8 February, 2003 issue of The Lancet that Omega-3 natural heart health diet helped to make scars harmless and stabilize the heart health in stroke patients who are at high risk of the atherosclerotic plaques rupturing or forming clots. The team added that Omega-3 fatty acids can be integrated into the sclerotic areas in the carotid artery. The results can be explained by Omega-3's anti-inflammatory effect.

"The discovery that atherosclerosis can be cured or rendered harmless, as this study indicates, is ground-breaking. Stroke patients form a large patient group for whom there are few available methods of treatment," said Dr Arne T. Hostmark from the Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Fish Oils and Arthritis Relief

Fish oil Omega 3 capsule & antioxidant supplement contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieving pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients.  A study at Albany Medical College in New York involved 66 patients in 22 weeks indicated that there was a significant decrease in mean number of tender joints, duration of morning stiffness, and evaluation of joint pain. In another one year double blind controlled trial published in Arthritis & Rheumatism 1994, taking the recommended use of 2.6 grams (about 3 softgels) of Omega 3 fish oils per day results have a significant clinical benefit for arthritis sufferers that may reduce the severity of the symptoms, slow the progression of the disease and reduce the need for drug treatment. 

Rheumatoid arthristis (RA) is a complex desease of the immune system that affects over 2 million Americans. It attacks healthy joints, causing pain, swelling, warmth, redness, and stiffness.  Rheumatoid arthritis involves inflammation in the lining of the joints and/or other internal organs.  It could cause permanent joint damage within the first 12 months

Natural Assets' herbal medicine for joint pain provides the viable natural herbal treatment to osteoarthritis pain relief.

Fish Oils and Skin Care

Studies have indicated that fatty acids from fish oils omega3 pills can improve skin disorders such as psoriasis that commonly features itching, scaling, and erythema. Concentrate Fish Oil Omega-3 fatty acid inhibits the production of inflammatory compounds that occurred greater than normal in the skin of the persons with psoriasis. Clinical trails have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can be successful in the treatment of eczema as epidermal cells can be very active in the conversion of essential fatty acids into prostaglandin hormones, which determine the smoothness and moistness of the skin, and can influence skin conditions such as eczema.

Fish oil omega 3 antioxidant provides additional health benefits to our skin product.  Please visit Formula for Skin Plus page. 

Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cholesterol  

Omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources containing EPA and DHA have some effect of lowering the total cholesterol, but their main effect is to reduce the amount of "bad" cholesterol at the same time as increasing the "good" cholesterol.  Furthermore, Omega-3 also reduces the total blood fat (triglyceride levels), which is also a high risk factor for CVD (cardiovascular disease).  Statins are very effective in lowering the total cholesterol content but do not change the ratio DHL / LDL as Omega-3 fatty acids.  Clinical trials have shown that when combining statins with omega-3 fish oil you will get synergic effects due to the fact that the statins and omega-3 have different mechanisms of how they effect the cholesterol level and ratio.

Another important factor is the role of EPA from fish oil omega-3 fatty acids on inflammation.  Small inflammation over time can lead to the veins clogging with cholesterol and blood fat that can be avoided by regular intake of marine-based fish oil that contains EPA.

Fish Oil DHA and Cognitive Health & Neural Development

In a recent preclinical study published in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, UCLA researchers found that Omega-3 DHA stimulates the production of LR11, a protein that may inhibit the production of amyloid plaques linked to Alzheimer's disease.  The study test LR11's effects on mouse and rat models as well as cultured human cells.

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Fish Oil Omega-3
Packaging: 80-softgel bottle

• Lower risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and Coronary Heart Disease
• Contain Omega-3 (EPA/DHA)
• Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
• Keep Skin Soft & Increase Skin Elasticity
• All natural product with no side effect.

No Questions Asked 100% money-back Guarantee!
High Quality - Low Price
Free Shipping Within the USA & Canada For All Orders Over $70
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